>New Reviews

>Two new reviews have posted in the last 24 hours!

Yesterday, Rand Simberg posted this review over at Transterrestrial Musings.

And today I see that the LA Times has posted their own positive review of the book.

I’ve added the LA Times review to the front page. But here’s my favorite bit:

“More Than Human” is a terrific survey of current work and future possibilities
in gene therapy, neurotechnology and other fields. Naam doesn’t shy away from
technical detail, but his enthusiasm keeps the science from becoming

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2 Responses to >New Reviews

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hey, how about an RSS feed for this blog so I can read it in blessed comfort (ie: by email. that way I can't forget :)).Regards,Ricky

  2. Ramez Naam says:

    >Great idea. There's now an atom feed at http://www.morethanhuman.org/blog/atom.xml It's linked to in the nav bar on the right, under "Subscribe".

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