>It’s Good to Have Friends

>A gaggle of friends and acquiantances around the web have blogged links to me over the past few days. The only reason the book hit #650 on Amazon in its first few days is the large social network I had who jumped on buying it right away. It’s good to have friends, especially friends as smart and capable as these.

Mike Treder posts about MTH on the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Blog

Over at Sentient Developments, all around great guy George Dvorsky mentions the book.

And James Hughes, the only ex-budhist monk cum radio host cum transhumanist author I know, blogs me up very nicely at Cyborg Democracy and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Blog .

BTW, if you haven’t read James’s book Citizen Cyborg, you owe it to yourself to buy a copy. It’s the most sophisticated analysis of the political issues brought up by advances in biotech, nanotech, and AI that I know of.