Videos of My Talks & Media Appearances

Just as with my articles I've done a poor job linking on this site to videos of my talks and media appearances around the web when they've happened.  I recently had to pull together a CV as part of a nomination for another talk, which means that I had to collect links to a number of videos of me all together.  Most are media appearances.  A few are talks.  

(All links will take you to videos.  A select few are embedded here for convenience.)

Human Ingenuity Can Solve The Planet’s ProblemsYahoo Finance, April 2013
An interview with Yahoo Finance anchor Aaron Task on innovation, economics, and my book, The Infinite Resource.

Environmentalism, Innovation, and EconomicsReason TV, June 2013
An interview with Reason correspondont Ron Bailey on similar topics.

Idea Sex and the Evolutionary Logic of Knowledge TransferBig Think, July 2013

The Trillion Dollar Climate Change CrisisYahoo Finance, August 2013
Interview with Yahoo Finance on the financial risks of climate change and the right response.

The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet, 1 hour lecture, Singularity University, April 2013
My one hour talk at Singularity University on the incredible natural resource and environmental challenges facing us, how we've innovated to solve such problems in the past, and what we need to do now.

Innovation vs Climate Change and, June 2013
First few minutes of an interview with The Economist editor Matthew Bishop on Climate Change, innovation, and economic prosperity. (Full interview available for purchase for $2.)

Genetically Modified FoodsMSNBC: Melissa Harris-Perry Show, April 2013
Part 1 of a lively panel discusssion with myself, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, food advocate Marion Nestle, and Union of Concerned Scientists food policy director Ricardo Salvadore on the pro's and con's of genetically modified foods.  
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Debate with Geoffrey Smith on Genetically Modified FoodsCCTV, June 2013
An even more combative debate between myself and Geoffrey Smith on the topic of genetically modified foods, on the CCTV cable network.

Wiring The Brain: The Science of NexusGoogle Author Talk, January 2013
A 40 minute talk at Google on the science of sending sight, sound, touch, and ideas in and out of the human brain – the underpinnings of the science in my science fiction novels Nexus and Crux.

The Wired Brain, 5 minute Ignite San FranciscoDecember 2012
A 5-minute version of my talk on the science of wiring the brain, recorded at Ignite San Francisco in late 2012.

Living on a Finite World, 5 minute Chicago Ideas Week, August 2011
A 5-minute version of my talk on innovating to save the planet, recorded at Chicago Ideas Week in 2011.