A list of the longer and more significant pieces I've written for print and online magazines:

Science Will Save the Planet (If We Let It)Wired UK, May 2013

Seven Reasons Why China May Lead the World in Fighting Climate ChangeSlate, May 2013

Grantham Is Wrong: We Are Not Headed For a Disaster of Biblical ProportionsBusiness Insider, April 2013

Why Polluters Should Pay YOU to Fix Climate ChangeFastCoExist, April 2013

The Limits of the Earth: Part 1, ProblemsScientific American Guest Blog, April 2013

The Limits of the Earth: Part 2: Expanding the LimitsScientific American Guest Blog, April 2013

Greener Than Green: Biotech and the Future of AgricultureGenetic Literacy Project, April 2013

Why Organic Advocates Should Love GMOsDiscover Collide-a-Scape Blog, April 2013

Why GMO Advocates Should Embrace LabelsDiscover Collide-a-Scape Blog, April 2013

How Innovation Could Save the PlanetThe Futurist, March 2013

Can We Capture All the World’s Carbon Emissions?Scientific American Guest Blog, March 2011

Smaller, Cheaper, Faster: Does Moore’s Law Apply to Solar Cells?Scientific American, Guest Blog, March 2011 (Cited by Paul Krugman)