>New Reviews

>Two new reviews have posted in the last 24 hours!

Yesterday, Rand Simberg posted this review over at Transterrestrial Musings.

And today I see that the LA Times has posted their own positive review of the book.

I’ve added the LA Times review to the front page. But here’s my favorite bit:

“More Than Human” is a terrific survey of current work and future possibilities
in gene therapy, neurotechnology and other fields. Naam doesn’t shy away from
technical detail, but his enthusiasm keeps the science from becoming

>Upcoming Event: Tools for the Development of Humanity

>Posted to the events page. I expect this to be a good event. Among others, David Brin and Gary Hart will be speaking.

Here’s the official announcement:

Attend The Arlington Institute’s 3rd Annual Conference
Tools for the Development of Humanity
April 25-26, 2005 in Washington, DC

Author Ramez Naam, former Senator Gary Hart, futurist David Brin, non-linear dynamicist Sally Goerner, theoretician Max Boisot, and authors Neale Donald Walsch and Marc Ian Barasch are but seven of 25 confirmed speakers for the Third Annual Arlington Institute Spring Conference (TAICON2005), April 25-26, 2005 in Washington, DC. The conference theme, “Tools for the Development of Humanity,” addresses the big question: What can we do and what is available to facilitate rapid, large-scale, global social value change?

Building from last year’s “Breakthrough Technologies for the World¹s Biggest Problems,” TAICON2005 provides a venue for an unusual spectrum of provocative and insightful speakers covering everything from social technology and new human institutions to large-scale personal enlightenment. The more than 300 participants will have the unique opportunity to personally engage and interact with provocative speakers and thought leaders throughout the varied program format.

TAICON2005 is for individuals who sense that big global change is in the works and want to understand and participate in shaping it. This conference is one of very few places where big ideas, theory, and practice coexist and where participants leave not only seeing the world in quite new ways, but understanding what practical avenues are available for positively influencing that change.

The conference marks The Institute’s annual tradition of sponsoring a forum to address humanity’s most profound issues. For more information and registration, visit or contact the Institute at