Invest in Clean Energy with Ramez Naam

Solar, wind, energy storage, and related technologies on on their way to disrupting the $6 Trillion energy industry. Globally, they’re receiving $250 Billion in investment per year. As the price of solar, wind, and storage plunge, they become increasingly attractive – and increasingly disruptive to the existing industry.

I invest in early stage startups that are part of this transition. These startups are high-risk, high-reward. Many – even most – will not return the capital invested in them. Others may return 10x, 100x, or more.

Examples of recent investments include:

HST Solar, a cloud-based software platform that automates the design and engineering of large-scale solar plants, lowering their cost, and giving project developers a competitive edge.

Arcadia Power, a virtual utility which allows anyone in the United States to purchase clean energy to match their electricity consumption.

How to Invest in Clean Energy Startups with Me

I use the AngelList platform to syndicate my investments to other qualified investors. Using AngelList, you can invest along side with me. There is no cost to do this. If an exit does occur (if the company is acquired or has an IPO), AngelList and I will split a 20% carry on profits from the syndicate.  If there are no profits, I make nothing from this activity or from your participation.

To join my syndicate:

  1. Create an AngelList account at
  2. Go through the steps at AngelList to demonstrate that you’re an accredited investor.
  3. Back my syndicate at

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions: