Innovation.  Energy.  Neuroscience.  Technology.  Future Trends.  Environmental Challenges.

A former Microsoft executive, computer scientist, and award winning author of five books, Ramez has spoken on these topics on national television, before audiences of thousands in the US and abroad, and to executives and dignitaries ranging from Bill Gates to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Military.

Videos of Recent Talks and Media Appearances

Networking Human Minds
(Le Web)

Innovation, Economics, and
the Environment

(Reason TV)

When Ideas Have Sex 
(Big Think)

Human Ingenuity Can Solve
the World’s Problems

(Yahoo Finance)

The Trillion Dollar
Climate Crisis

(Yahoo Finance)

Innovating to Beat Energy
and Climate Challenges

(Singularity University)

The Future Isn’t Set In Stone
(Singularity One on One)

Key Articles Ramez has Written:

Science Will Save the Planet (If We Let It)Wired UK, May 2013

Grantham Is Wrong: We Are Not Headed For a Disaster of Biblical ProportionsBusiness Insider, April 2013

Why Polluters Should Pay YOU to Fix Climate ChangeFastCoExist, April 2013

How Innovation Could Save the PlanetThe Futurist, March 2013

Smaller, Cheaper, Faster: Does Moore’s Law Apply to Solar Cells?Scientific American, Guest Blog, March 2011 (Cited by Paul Krugman)

More talks:

Innovation vs Climate Change and Scarcity, Newswire.fm, June 2013

First few minutes of an interview with The Economist editor Matthew Bishop on Climate Change, innovation, and economic prosperity. (Full interview available for purchase for $2.)

Genetically Modified Foods, MSNBC: Melissa Harris-PerryShow, April 2013
Part 1 of a lively panel discusssion with myself, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, food advocate Marion Nestle, and Union of Concerned Scientists food policy director Ricardo Salvadore on the pro’s and con’s of genetically modified foods.
See also:
        Part 2              Part 3              Part 4  

Debate with Geoffrey Smith on Genetically Modified Foods, CCTV, June 2013
An even more combative debate between myself and Geoffrey Smith on the topic of genetically modified foods, on the CCTV cable network.

The Wired Brain, 5 minute Ignite San Francisco, December 2012

A 5-minute version of my talk on the science of wiring the brain, recorded at Ignite San Francisco in late 2012.

Living on a Finite World, 5 minute Chicago Ideas Week, August 2011
A 5-minute version of my talk on innovating to save the planet, recorded at Chicago Ideas Week in 2011.

Other topics Ramez speaks about include:

1. How Innovation Happens From the Bottom Up, and How to Boost It

2. Accelerating Technological Change:

    – Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Genomics, and Computing

    – Disruption of Business, Government, and Society They’ll Bring

    – How to Adapt, Survive, and Prosper

3. New Technologies on the Horizon

  – What’s coming in computing, devices, energy, health care, and more.

Ramez can craft a presentation specifically for your audience.

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