Japans population to drop by 1 million each year

An elderly woman walks by a shrine in Tokyo on Dec. 31, 2009.

Japans rapid aging means the national population of 128 million will shrink by one-third by 2060 and seniors will account for 40 percent of people, placing a greater burden on the shrinking work force population to support the social security and tax systems.

The population estimate released Monday by the Health and Welfare Ministry paints a grim future.In 2060, Japan will have 87 million people. The number of people 65 or older will nearly double to 40 percent, while the national work force of people between ages 15 and 65 will shrink to about half of the total population, according to the estimate, made by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.

via Japans population to drop by 1 million each year – World news – Asia-Pacific – msnbc.com.

Anders Sandberg, Aubrey de Grey, Nick Bostrom on Future of Human Aging

>Three of my friends and fellow futurists commenting on the future of future of human aging.

Anders focuses on uploading the brain (the best preservation, but most challenging),

Aubrey de Grey on our attitudes on change.

And Nick Bostrom on the uncertainties implicit in the future.

All three honest and straightforward as usual (though I disagree slightly with Nick Bostrom on overpopulation).